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Daisy Hosted Voice is an easier and more cost-effective way to manage your telephony

Hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), in its simplest sense, is a phone system that converts voice calls into data and transmits them over the internet. Hosted in the cloud, VoIP offers small and growing businesses enterprise-level functionality without the corresponding price tag.

Daisy Hosted Voice solution is suitable for businesses of any size with one or multiple sites. We can scale from a solo homeworker to a multi-site network providing seamless, reliable and hassle-free levels of communications. For businesses with multiple sites, we provide Ethernet circuits to ensure maximum call quality, securely linked by our virtual private networks (VPNs). Daisy Hosted Voice call traffic bypasses the public internet entirely, ensuring the absolute quality of service (QoS) for your users.

Why Daisy Hosted Voice?

  • Scalable – easy to add and remove users
  • Secure – built-in business continuity and disaster recovery with call re-routing options available
  • Competitive pricing – easy monthly budgeting with generous monthly call bundle included for each user
  • Cloud ready – make changes, moves and additions instantly
  • Reliable robust platform – running on Gamma’s highly resilient and secure next-generation network ensures reliability
  • No hardware – complete PBX functionality without the hardware
  • Expertise – more than 60,000 UK businesses trust us for their IT and communication needs
  • Flexibility – opens up flexible working with seamless remote operation

Why choose Daisy Hosted Voice?

Daisy Hosted Voice is our market leading hosted VoIP proposition and the future-proof solution ensures you’re ready for the PSTN switch off in 2025. Not only that, it’s perfect for any business of any size, providing there’s already a fibre broadband or Ethernet connection installed.

As we’re using the Gamma platform, Daisy Hosted Voice runs on their highly resilient and secure next-generation network and means your telephone system sits in the cloud rather than in the office.

But don’t worry about switching over your current numbers as it’s quick and easy to transfer them over to the Gamma platform.

Daisy Hosted Voice comes with an easy-to-use web portal which provides you with a dashboard equipped with convenient access to your information such as call history, voicemails and recorded calls. It also allows you to stay in control from wherever you allowing you to manage features such as call routing to a number of users. You can even tailor each users functionality by adding call features to each individual whenever it’s needed, adding to the flexibility and agility of the solution.

Personalised settings for each business can be set up quickly and easily to ensure each and every call is handled effectively.

With the extensive range of features Daisy Hosted Voice offers, you get so much more than you would with a traditional telephone system, giving you an easier and more cost-effective way to manage all your telephony with an enterprise-grade range of functionality.

Three business benefits of Daisy Hosted Voice

Dramatically reduce costs

In 2025, the PSTN network will be switched off, meaning all legacy phone systems will be desolate. Daisy Hosted Voice is future-proof by allowing you to add or remove users as your business changes, without the expense or inconvenience of on-site engineer visits. Eradicate internal call costs between colleagues with unlimited free on-net calls* whether they’re on mobiles or based in the office.
*If you move your mobile solution to Daisy you can receive free calls from your landlines to your business mobiles.

Never miss a call again

Make your business more efficient and productive by allocating one single number to users which can be used across all devices. So, whether you’re in the office or on the move, you can take calls on your desk phone, mobile, tablet, desktop or laptop. As an additional feature, you can have missed calls and voice messages sent to your email inbox.

Peace of mind

To keep your business running smoothly in the event of a disaster, simply log in remotely to manage and divert calls from the office to employees’ mobiles or landlines, so your business can continue to be always-on.

Daisy Hosted Voice Feature List

(Some features are optional and incur additional charges)

  • Unlimited free on-net calls* – save on call charges between colleagues
  • Scalable – add and remove users as required
  • Eliminate infrastructure costs and maintenance
  • Call identification and effective management
  • Functionality so you never miss a call
  • Voice messaging with voicemail to email
  • Unlimited levels of auto-attendant
  • 24/7/365 network monitoring
  • Business applications – Instant Message, Presence and Video Calling
  • MeetMe Conferencing
  • Flexible number portability – retain your existing office numbers
  • Call storage
  • Full integration with CRM
  • In-depth call analytics
  • The latest range of handsets from top brands
  • Reliable uptime with secure call re-routing
  • User portal to allow online management of the service, so you stay in control
  • Training and configuration support

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Talk to one of our specialists. Call us on 0808 163 9549

Promotional Terms

*On-net calls are calls made between the same site.
** Please refer to the Fair Use Policy. UK Mobile networks are FM1, FM3, FM4, FM5, FM6.
Calls to 03 numbers cannot exceed 10% of the minutes bundle. The bundle is per user and per calendar month.
Unused minutes cannot be shared or carried over.