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Download a free whitepaper discussing how to protect your business from cyberattacks.

Hundreds of organisations across more than 100 countries have recently suffered as part of a ransomware epidemic that has spread across their infrastructures like wildfire. On the back of the leaked NSA Eternal Blue worm, WannaCryp0r “WannaCry” ransomware claimed more than 200,000 endpoint scalps and was only shut down through the inadvertent actions of a security researcher.

But ransomware attacks will inevitably return.

Why should you care? According to a 2016 ransomware survey report by Malwarebytes:

  • 54% of UK companies have been hit by a ransomware attack
  • 58% of UK companies ended up paying the ransom demanded

Does your business have a plan in place to reduce the threat of an attack? It should.

Get your free copy of this whitepaper and learn about a range of topics, including:

  • Phishing emails
  • Internal network security
  • Intrusion prevention system (IPS)
  • Backups
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