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Download our report to find out how UK business is getting on with digital transformation.

For the second consecutive year, Daisy Group has polled UK businesses (1-1,000 employees) to find out how they’re getting on with digital transformation.

Digital transformation is defined as the use of digital technologies, such as cloud computing, mobile, big data/analytics and the Internet of Things (IoT), to enhance existing services or create new ones.

In this report, we summarise the experiences of business professionals from 2,000 UK organisations, across a number of different industries, which employ less than 1,000 employees.

Get your free copy of this report to learn:

  • How many UK businesses have a formal digital transformation strategy
  • If bigger organisations are ahead of smaller businesses with digital transformation
  • Which industries lead the way with digital transformation
  • What the main drivers for digital transformation are
  • Which areas of digital transformation investment is being focussed on
  • The main barriers and challenges towards achieving digital transformation goals
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