Your Network Firewall: To Manage or Not to Manage? [Infographic]

We look at the benefits of both managed and in-house firewall approaches.

To manage or not to manage? That is the firewall question. But answering it needn’t be difficult. As the main line of defence against external threats, your network firewall needs regular updates and maintenance – and paying no attention to it makes your business likely target of malicious attacks.
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successful conference call - header

10 Top Tips for Organising a Successful Conference Call [Infographic]

From knowing your participants to securing the call, see our tips for organising a conference call.

Conference calling makes it possible for anyone, anywhere, to connect with colleagues and participate in project discussions, in an easy and accessible way. By saving time and money on logistics and travel, holding a telephone or video conference is becoming an increasingly popular option for businesses of all shapes and sizes.
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Digital Infrastructure in Higher Education [Infographic]

How HE institutes can tackle the  challenges of providing the perfect digital environment.

The students of today and tomorrow are digital natives expecting more from technology than their predecessors. With the average student now owning seven internet-ready devices, a ‘connected’ campus shapes as much of their higher education years just as much as the ‘physical’.
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What is SD-WAN? [Infographic]

We break down the what, the how and the why of the next-generation WAN technology.

The days of traditional hub-and-spoke WAN architectures are long gone. In order to free their connectivity and strengthen their security defences, businesses of all shapes and sizes need to be able to centrally monitor WAN sites, manage traffic between those sites and remotely configure each individual network.
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Five Signs Your Business is Ready for an Ethernet Upgrade [Infographic]

We look at the most common tell-tale signs that your business needs better connectivity.

As a business, it can be difficult to pinpoint the reasons behind gradual decreases in efficiency and why your workforce are becoming increasingly disgruntled. But often, the answer is staring at you square in the face – perhaps via a slow-loading web browser or a temperamental internet connection…
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Need For Speed-Infographic-Featured-Image

Broadband Drag Race: The Need for Speed [Infographic]

Understand what broadband connection options are available to your business.

It’s easy to go for the fastest and latest that’s out there when looking for business tools. And while it’s true that no business today can exist without a fast and reliable internet connection, the quickest may not necessarily best suit your needs – much like a family of four investing in a sports car.

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