A partner that complements everything you do

Daisy Communications has a long history of partner success; its very foundations built on this model some 18 years ago.

While our traditional telecoms offer has evolved into more innovative IT and communications solutions, the ethos of our partner model remains the same.

We help you do business easily.

Become a Daisy partner and we become an integral part of your team, providing the support, training and marketing collateral you need to generate sales within your existing base and potential new customers.

We work with you to help add to, or extend your offerings, generating new revenue streams and boosting margins, while increasing engagement and keeping promises to your customers.

The customers remain yours, but we bill them as Daisy Communication, which takes away the need for upfront capital investment in expensive billing platforms and staff.

How we pay you is completely up to you – upfront, residual or a combination of the two, it’s your call.

We even offer partners a model where we acquire their customers or even bases outright.

As technology continues to evolve, more and more businesses are looking for help to find the right business enabling solutions for them; together we have the connections, knowledge and experience to make a difference.

Why partner with Daisy?

Driving digital change

We provide you with business-enabling technology to transform your customers’ businesses

Expanding capability

We help you maximise value by complementing your own services portfolio and capabilities

Attractive rewards

We offer partners attractive commissions and shares of revenue to provide a cash investment and residual revenue line into your business

Offering support

We support and manage legacy technology meaning your customers will be always looked after

Our business-enabling solutions

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