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Setting up Cost Centres and Tags

You can use cost centres and tags to segment parts of your organisation so it is easier to analyse your bill. An example of a cost centre could be a sales area within your business. The separate departments within sales could be split into categories such as Sales or Administration. Individual cost centres can be set up for each department enabling you to report on them individually.

Please note – Once you have submitted your changes, please allow up to 24 hours for the changes to take effect on My Account. The changes will automatically display on your next invoice

Setting up a cost centre and a tag

Step 1:

Firstly log in to your My Account portal. From here, click “Self Service” and “Manage Cost Centres” as seen below:

On the right hand side you will have a list of “Unassigned numbers” – these are numbers that are not already in a cost centre.


Step 2:


To set up a tag: click the blue pencil displayed below and enter a name for the tag:

On the left hand side is where you can set up your new cost centre.


To set up a cost centre: Click the ‘add’ icon next to Cost Centres as seen below:


Step 3:

Enter a Cost Centre name – once the cost centre has been created, you can then drag the numbers across that belong to that cost centre.

Once all of the numbers have been assigned accordingly, click “Save”, “Validate” and “Submit”.


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