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How to set up alerts and bars?

Log in to the My Account portal. From here, select “My Alerts” and “View” as seen below:



From here you will be able to see any alerts and bars that are already set up.


Click “Add New Alert”



Now you will be able to select what kind of alert you wish to set up, either based on an Event or Usage.


An event alert will notify you when a user has used their allowance a certain way, i.e. a number that has been dialled (this is useful for premium rate numbers, international numbers that may not be included in your bundle), or when costs have reached a certain amount.


Usage alerts will notify you when a user has reached the limit you have set. This can be for calls (mobile and fixed line), data or SMS.


As well as an alert, you can also choose to bar the user if they have reached the limit. This can be found under “Actions”. Please note, the bar may take up to 24 hours to be effective and will be lifted once the allowance restarts.

You can choose to send alerts either by SMS or email.

Once completed, click “Add”.


The alert/bar will take effect where either the event or usage triggers*.


*We will use reasonable endeavours to apply the autobar, as soon as we become aware that the mobile number has breached the usage alert amount. However, in certain circumstances that are beyond our control, such as delays in call data being received from the network, overall charges may exceed the set limit and are still liable to be paid for under your terms & conditions.

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