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Mobile Signal Issues

If you are experiencing signal issues, please try turning your handset off for 30 seconds and then on again.


If the issue still persists, please follow the steps below:


Check there are no bars on your mobile, this can be done through your My Account. Go to “Self Service” and then “Manage Mobiles”. From here, select “Add and remove bars” – select the mobile number in question and click “Continue” and check that there are no bars on the mobile that may affect service. If there are bars that are affecting the service, deselect these and click “Submit” – please note they can take up to 24 hours to be effective.


Check your network status by following these links:

If your network provider are experiencing signal issues, we would advise to check their website for any updates.


If the above have not resolved/answered your query, you will need to complete a manual roam. To do this is dependable on your handset and operating system, we advise to check online for a step by step guide for your handset, or you contact our support team using the contact options below.


If the above still doesn’t resolve your issue/answer your query, please contact our Customer Support team using the contact options below.

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