Daisy launches Daisy Hosted Voice

Daisy launches new hosted voice product

In partnership with Gamma, we are delighted to announce the launch of our new hosted VoIP product; Daisy Hosted Voice.

Suited to businesses with up to 250 employees, the product is fully hosted and managed while it will run over Gamma’s highly-resilient and secure network.

Following BT’s announcement that it will be switching off its legacy PSTN network in 2025, businesses are increasingly looking to transition from traditional voice products to IP telephony.

Daisy Hosted Voice represents an excellent opportunity for our customers to take advantage of a market-leading, cost-effective and future-proofed VoIP solution, ensuring their business is ready for the changes in 2025.

Daisy Hosted Voice brings together a business’ landlines and mobiles onto a single phone network allowing its workforce to be more mobile wherever they are. It also allows the business more flexibility as it can get exactly what it needs whenever it needs it. And, with our generous call bundles, businesses can monitor monthly budgets, helping cut costs.

To run effectively, customers will also need a dedicated voice over broadband or Ethernet connection to ensure seamless communication throughout their business.

Rebecca Stubbs

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